10 Essential Ways to Protect Your Home

10 Essential Ways to Protect Your Home While You’re Away on Holiday

The school holidays are coming up and you’re planning to go on a family trip for a few days. You may have chosen a destination, booked your flights and hotels and readied a checklist of what to pack – but don’t forget to make preparations for keeping your empty home as safe as possible!

  1. Ask someone to check in on it Let your neighbours know that you will be away and get them to keep an eye on your house while you’re gone. That way if they notice anything suspicious or odd going on at your house, they’ll know to notify you, or the authorities. Leave your keys with someone you trust, so they can access the house in case they need to.
  2. But don’t social media your house will be empty These days, with social media, many are tempted to announce every meal they’re having, their outfit and every step of they take. Resist the temptation to do so because it could leave your place vulnerable to intruders. Stay on the safe side and save your sharing until after you’ve returned.
  3. Avoid telling strangers about your holiday Again, there’s no need to tell people you do not know about your holiday. You never know who if it can affect the safety of your home.
  4. Unplug unnecessary electrical appliances Intruders are not the only danger your home faces. To reduce the risk of fire, unplug all unnecessary electrical devices and appliances like your TV, kettle, toaster, coffee maker, iron, and so on. You never know when a storm or a power surge might happen that can cause your wiring to spark and cause a fire.
  5. Install timers on your lights If you’re away for an extended period of time, a dark house will signal that your home is empty to whoever may be watching. Timers on your lights may be sufficient, but you could also time your TV and radio. Let your trusted neighbour know you’ve done this so they don’t panic when it happens!
  6. Lock up valuables in a fire-proof safe This includes jewellery, wills, cash, and any other important documents. This will protect them in case of a disaster, or from potential burglars.
  7. Lock everything Before you leave your house, make sure you’ve locked every door and window, even the bathroom’s tiny window. When intruders want to enter the house, they’ll find a way. Locking up will make it harder for them and frustrate them, which will hopefully make them leave without your belongings.
  8. Consider an alarm system If you’re leaving in a few days it may be too late to install one, but consider arming your home with a security alarm system. Don’t forget to let your security company know that you’ll be away when you do go on holiday.
  9. Park your car in a safe place Avoid parking on the street if that’s what you do on a normal day. Car theft is rife in the Philippines, so it’s best you make an effort to park it somewhere with more security.
  10. Unhide your spare key If you normally leave a spare key hidden outside your house somewhere for just in case situations, take it out and store it in a safe place at home. Hiding a spare key is a common practice, so would-be burglars will spend time looking for it.
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