Contractors’ All-Risk Insurance

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At a Glance

Contractors’ All-Risk insurance is designed to offer comprehensive protection against losses to contract works, construction plant and equipment, construction machinery and liability to third-party. It also provides financial stability to all parties in the construction contract.

Eligibility and Coverage

  • The following can be insured
    • Principal
    • General Contractor
    • Sub-contractor or Specialty Contractor
    • Financial Institutions
    • Project Manager/ Consultants
    • Manufacturers and/or Suppliers
  • This plan covers construction and plant equipment, construction machineries and civil works.
  • Coverage will start upon the commencement of work or after the unloading of items at the site.
  • Coverage will expire on the date specified in the schedule or when taken over or put into service, whichever is earlier.

Guaranteed Benefits

Construction and plant equipment covered are accommodations, field offices, storage facilities, aggregate crushers, cements and asphalt mixing plant, utilities and scaffoldings.

Construction Machineries covered are earth moving equipment, graders, loaders and excavators, cranes, pile drivers, elevator or lifts and other vehicles not licensed for road use.

Civil works including building constructions, construction of roads and bridges, railways, ports and harbors, airport complex, dams, canals, and irrigation projects, residential complex, commercial complex, warehouse complex and industrial complex.

Extensions to the Standard Cover

Cross Liability This extension applies if the contract stipulates that the insurance will be for joint interests (principal, contractor and subcontractors). Third party insurance can be granted to each party separately. This allows one insured party to act against another and seek indemnity.

Maintenance Period Cover Etiqa Philippines' liability during the maintenance period is limited to loss or damage caused by the insured in the course of operations.

Professional Fees The professional fees covering employment of professional services such as architects or consulting engineers that may be necessary following a loss, repair or reinstatement of contract or erection works.

Inland Transit The inland transit covers loss or damage during transit (not sea or air) to the contract site including loading and unloading and any transshipments storage or deviations en route.

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