Etiqa Philippines launches MyLife+, a comprehensive health insurance plan with COVID-19 coverage

03 MAY 2021

Etiqa Philippines, one of the leading life and non-life insurance providers in the Philippines, recently launched MyLife+, a yearly renewable health insurance plan that gives consumers access to Etiqa’s extensive medical network nationwide. Ideal for individuals and families, MyLife+ is priced competitively and covers individuals from two weeks to 70 years old. Within just 15 days of issuance, MyLife+ members can receive quality healthcare from over 29,000 physicians and 1,500 hospitals and clinics.

"In the face of today’s many uncertainties brought about by the COVID pandemic, people need a reliable health insurance plan that is comprehensive and responsive to their unique medical needs, " said Rico Bautista, President, and CEO of Etiqa Philippines. "Etiqa is committed to give Filipinos peace of mind when it comes to healthcare and to cater to all age segments even those that have been typically overlooked for health insurance. This is part of Etiqa’s mission to humanize insurance and put a smile to our customers’ faces. "

Most of the medical plans currently available only cover individuals until 60 years old. With a population of 7.5 million senior citizens, this leaves more than seven percent of Filipinos largely unprotected. The responsibility for this segment is believed to rest on the shoulders of the ’sandwich generation,’ so-called because they are caught between providing for their own family and caring for aging parents aged 60 and above. Value for money is a key concern, as the need for comprehensive healthcare becomes even more apparent for older individuals.

More than a medical plan, MyLife+ is a retail offering that gives individuals the advantage of a robust health insurance product that can be purchased online. To make it easier for customers to avail of services, Etiqa has launched SmilePH for iOs and Android, a mobile app that enables faster access to benefits such as room and board, special hospital services, surgical expense, in-hospital physician’s visit, out-patient benefit, ambulance service, and even emergency treatment in foreign territories. The SmilePH app allows Etiqa clients to easily check their policy details, request for Letter of Guarantee, and reach out to their providers and doctors anytime, anywhere.

With over 40 years of experience in the group insurance business, Etiqa is proven to deliver a range of essential healthcare benefits from checkups and diagnostic services towards preventive healthcare, to the treatment of congenital diseases or emergency care. Even pre-existing conditions are covered under a 12-month waiting period. Moreover, MyLife+ comes with life and accident coverage.

"Etiqa believes that behind every policy is a person working to protect their family and their future," added James Patrick Bonus, EVP and Chief Financial Officer of Etiqa Philippines. "This is why we continue to innovate our products and services so that members enjoy extensive benefits that are easily and simply claimed at the time when they need it most."

The introduction of MyLife+ is part of Etiqa’s aggressive efforts to expand its offerings in the Philippines, particularly its Personal Life & General Insurance business. As one of the leading providers of Group Health for the Philippines’ top multinational and local companies, Etiqa continues to diversify its offerings to address the changing demands of the local market through timely insurance plans that respond to current and emerging health risks.

Individuals aged 18 years and above may now apply for MyLife+. For more information about MyLife+, visit

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