Prosperity Shield

Protect yourself with life insurance while your investment grows.

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At a Glance

The Prosperity Shield is a peso denominated regular-pay variable life insurance plan which provides insurance protection and coverage over the insured's life and at the same time allows him/her to participate in a broad array of professionally managed portfolios handled by a Global Fund Manager.

Eligibility and Coverage

  • Individuals from age 0 to 75 may apply.
  • Coverage up to 99 years old.
  • Benefits include earned cash value from investments and death benefit.
  • Plan currency is in Philippine Peso (PhP).
  • Different modes of payment available:
    • Quarterly
    • Semi-Annual
    • Annual

*Face Amount (FA) is equal to the Basic Premium multiplied by the Death Benefit Multiple per age and per payment period as shown in the Death Benefit Multiple table.

*Minimum Guaranteed Death Benefit (MGBD) is 500% of Basic Premium plus 125% of each top-up premium, less 125% of each withdrawal.

Investment Funds

ETIQA PH Peso Equity Fund This fund’s investment objective is to achieve growth through capital appreciation. This fund seeks absolute returns through long-term capital appreciation by investing primarily in listed and non-listed equity securities of Philippine companies. ETIQA PH Peso Balanced Fund This fund is designed to seek total return through current income and long-term capital growth through investment in listed and non-listed fixed income and equity securities of Philippine companies and debt obligations of the Government of the Republic of the Philippines and its instrumentalities. ETIQA PH Peso Fixed Income Fund The objective of the fund is to maximize the total return of a fixed income portfolio, to achieve capital gains while maintaining a level of current income consistent with the maintenance of principal and meeting of liquidity requirements.

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